You're excited to buy, and finding you the right home, in the right place for the right price is my top priority.

When we work together, I guide the process from start to finish to make it efficient, less complicated and more enjoyable for you as we find your perfect home. 

The Sunshine Coast offers room to grow and discover your dream lifestyle in its many unique communities. I'll put my skill in navigating today's complex market along with my local knowledge of the coast to work so that you can start living that dream.


To start things moving, we'll connect for a chat to go over what you are looking for in a home and lifestyle, your budget, and timeline. I'll walk you through the stages of the process and give you a heads up on what to expect at certain points along the way. Once we have a plan in place, I put my resources to work on finding your next home! 

Plan It

When shopping for a home,  knowing your budget is our first launching point.

Getting pre-approved

Having financing ready to go will make your offer more attractive to sellers and allows me to quickly home in on ideal properties in your range.

Getting pre-qualified can be done easily online, on the phone or in person, and I'm happy help to guide you through this process.

Looking for a broker?

Get in touch with me to connect you with lending professionals in the area who will make sure to find you the best mortgage products available.

Find It

Understanding exactly what you want allows me to narrow down the search to properties that align with your vision of the ideal home and community.

Together we will create your list of 'needs' and 'wants' so that I can find you the perfect home. 

Why do you want to buy?
  • More space for family, live closer to nature, be in a small community, build equity?
What kind of home would you like and what kind of space do you need?
  • New property, rustic fixer-upper, condo, or build your dream home from the ground up?
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms? Do you have accessibility requirements?
Where would you like to live?
  • What kind of community would you like to be in? Family oriented, a vibrant social scene, quiet and serene?
  • Would you like to be close to services and amenities, closer to the beach or in the woods?
Once we know the details of your ideal property, I'll comb through local listings and my internal resources, including properties that haven't hit the market yet. Your search specifics will also go out to my networks; you will have my whole community working to find you the right fit!

Get It

Viewings come up fast and, in today's competitive, market offers need to be put in faster and with finer strategy. 

Once we decide to bid on a property, I act swiftly to craft a desirable offer that aligns with your goals and positions you as a preferred buyer. 

I will lead you through this step with sound advice based in knowledge of local values and use skilled negotiation tactics to help you make a successful purchase.

  • I will work with you to draft offers that match your price point and assure that your investment will be sound
  • Determine if subjects are required (inspections, surveys, etc.)
  • Be your liaison between sellers' agents, lawyers, lenders, inspectors, and contractors
  • Effectively negotiate on your behalf to get your offer accepted, at  the most favourable price under a tight timeline
  • Prepare all necessary paperwork required for the offer and completion process

Got It!

The paperwork is signed and everything is lined up for the sale to complete. All that's left to do is say Congratulations and raise a glass as homeowners! 

Now I'm here as a friend and fellow Sunshine Coaster to help you connect with your new community or give advice on great beaches and hiking trails as you begin your next adventure!

Let's Find Your Sunshine Coast Home

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